Choosing the right consultant

If you want to bring gaming to your channel, find a way to store large amount of videos any other computer-related equipment to enhance the quality of your content, relying on an expert in the field is the best choice.

Infrastructure matters

Building an infrastructure capable of handling the workload, depending on your situation, is essential to ensure functionality and information security. Investing large sums of money in components that later prove inadequate will not only damage your finances but also disappoint your followers, as they will receive low-quality content.

Investing in a consultant not only helps you select the best components or software but also helps you configure them according to your needs to maximize returns.

Not just hardware

The choice of software on which to base your future career is as important as selecting the right components. Making a wrong investment from this perspective will compromise both your career and the money invested in hardware components, doubling the losses.



FAQ stands for "frequently asked questions," which means the questions that I have been asked most often.

Consulation sessions are measured in hours, and one hour of consulation costs 15 euros.

The first hour is always free, so if you are not satisfied with your project idea it won't cost you anything.

When I receive your request, I read what you have in mind and immediately start a feasibility study. Later, we will schedule an introductory call where you can better explain your project and I will present my study with the final verdict.

If the verdict is positive, your project can be realized. If not, you have two options: we can try to make your project feasible by making some modifications or, if you choose not to proceed, you won't lose anything, as my commitment begins only after I receive payment.

We simply schedule additional paid consulation sessions, where I will present my ideas on how to implement it.

For example, if you want to enter the gaming world, in one consulation session we can decide which gaming computer to assemble, and, in another, which software to use. We will conduct as many sessions as you find appropriate. If, for istance, after the second session you already have a clear idea and know how to proceed, then my work will be finished.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide an estimate of the required session number because each person has a different way of reasoning or interpreting information, so some may require more sessions, and some may require fewer.

My consulting service is aimed at individuals in the field of social media or those who are about to enter it, as well as people seeking computer advice in the world of entertainment.

It is not intended for companies looking to build their own IT infrastructure. I am not available for corporate consulting on more significant issues such as setting up and maintaining internal networks, server applications, or other tasks that generally involve a company's IT departments. I am not a substitute for your IT staff or someone who can take on the responsibility of managing your infrastructure.

My service is designed to help content creators or anyone else improve their content using my IT experience or even just to offer IT solutions for those interested in improving their entertainment and making it safer.